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A big difference on a small scale

Many of us can no longer see how the products that we buy and use every day affect the health of our planet. So at Oak and Jay we have decided to do things differently, to only take from nature as much as we can give back, and to try to teach others how to do the same.

We have also chosen to open source our business, from how we set our prices, to where we find our materials, to how much money we plan to make in a year. The world needs a new generation of small business owners who want to change the way things work for both the people and the planet.

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“If the human economy is to be fitted into the natural economy in such a way that both may thrive, the human economy must be built to proper scale.”
—Wendell Berry

We let the spoons speak for themselves

Each of our handmade products is unique, never carved from a template, and created from wood grown, found, or reclaimed, near to where we live.

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